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Pacman Free Online Full Screen. Pacman broke the mould in games when it was released, with its cutesy graphics and novel gameplay. If you've never played a pacman game before (heresy!), the object is to eat all the pellets whilst avoiding the 4 ghosts chasing you.

Dual monitor screen game pacman wallpaper 3840x1080
Dual monitor screen game pacman wallpaper 3840x1080 from

Choose a character, control the vehicle to overcome dangerous obstacles, deadly traps. Pacman game full screen at Pacman game | full screen pacman games |

Avoid and kill the ghosts and eat all the pellets to complete a level.

This webapp is a responsive web design (rwd) website. In order to enjoy the full functionality of… Collection of top online classical games and puzzles. By midway, first released in japan on may 22, 1980.